My name is Gabriela O'Neil was born in Switzerland and have lived in the United States (Truckee, CA) for 33 years. I am married and have 4  wonderful children. Now that they have all left home, I have had the opportunity and the time to explore many interests such as creating glass art. While I pride myself on being a multimedia artist, my real passion lies in fusing glass art. This begins with glass from a factory, that is then cut up, and fused back together. This is done by heating them in a very hot kiln to bond glass fragments back together. I have explored working with recycled glass, including bottles, marbles, picture frame glass, and window glass. I find each of these uniquely intriguing and when possible I enjoy combining these elements to create a variety of unique projects. 

Along with my online store I am also fortunate enough to sell my recycled art at two lovely stores in the Truckee-Tahoe Area. One is called "Gratitudes" in downtown Truckee, the other one is "Salvaged" in Tahoe City. I have also recently joined the "Wildflower Village" gallery in Reno, NV, and had the opportunity to exhibit some of my art in the "Spanish Springs" library in Reno, NV. In addition to my time spent being an artist, I also enjoy the many outdoor activities the Truckee Area has to offer. 

I welcome all input and suggestions and am happy to accept custom orders!